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POWERgrass hybrid grass is an innovative system that combines the advantages of natural grass and the resistance of synthetic turf to offer a professional and safe pitch, resistant, durable, with reduced maintenance thus is cost effective and accessible to ordinary people.

Reach perfect "symbiosis" with regenerative agriculture. POWERgrass hybrid grass lifespan is estimated over 20 years if natural grass is maintained regularly thus protecting also the synthetic fibres from UV-rays.

The interview of Sean Goodwin and the one of Graham Longdin confirm the validity of POWERgrass!

POWERgrass hybrid grass system provides:

  1. Traction, stability and softness of the playing surface provide confidence for the player and stimulate more spectacular actions.
  2. Quick establishment and fast recovery after heavy use of the natural grass.
  3. High number of playing hours, about 30-35 per week in cool climates and 40-45 in warm climates maintaining good quality of natural grass where other hybrids are worn out when exceeding 10-15 hours per week.
  4. Simple and reduced maintenance with standard equipment with little caution not the harm the synthetic fibres.
  5. Simple installation of the system with conventional machines and easy reparation or replacement of most wear areas.
  6. Standard warranty for 12 years for the synthetic carpet, extendable to 20 years if maintenance is assigned to POWERgrass partners.
  7. Reusable to avoid any synthetic waste in landfill; at the end of its lifespan is possible to remove (with a sod harvester), regenerate and reuse the system for training pitches or other green areas.
  8. Playable also without grass as synthetic turf pitch, that will provide safe game under any condition and offers flexibility for the maintenance program of the natural grass.
  9. Competitive price that will provide over 30% of savings compared to any other surface, in 20 years lifespan.
  10. Innovative system with four patents granted to protect your investment.

Traction, Stability and Softness of the playing surface, are the most important prerogatives to play safely!

Resistant for many hours of play and durable over 20 years, with simple maintenance will make the job of grounds managers easier and will generate savings to investors and communities, providing healthier environment and occupation.

Traction, Stability and Softness of the playing surface are features sought by the players.

Traction, Stability and Softness of the playing surface are features sought by the players.

Resistant up to 6 hours of play per day, it is estimated to last over 20 years with simple and reduced maintenance.

Resistant up to 6 hours of play per day, it is estimated to last over 20 years with simple and reduced maintenance.

POWERgrass respects the environment, generates savings to the community, investors and maintainers.

POWERgrass respects the environment, generates savings to the community, investors and maintainers.

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04/02/2020 22:13:29


Research and development is the result of studies, skills and experience acquired directly in the field!

Football surfaces require years of research & development and the experience gained shows that many innovations are not always risolutive.

Over the past 25 years, several hybrid systems have been designed and proposed to reinforce natural grass because they offer greater stability. No doubt the increased stability is appreciated by the player to prevent dangerous divots formation but, when the play gets intensive most hybrid systems tend to highlight their limitations. Some with the backing partially closed offer poor root ventilation so the natural grass perishes prematurely compared to a natural grass pitch. Others with deeply planted fibres harden quickly and limit root penetration when the resistance of the sandy substrate exceeds 1500 kPa. In both cases, to solve the problem of aeration and hardness of the field, frequent deep tine aerations are performed, which increases the cost of maintenance but also disturbs the root activity in the growing substrate.


04/02/2020 22:01:02

Play Safely

The falls and slide tackles of athletes are part of the regular game activities. If the surface is not in ideal conditions the fear of falling prevents players best performance. On synthetic turf we observe a different game because the ball bounce too fast and players loose easily ball control and tend to pass the ball instead of dribbling. Most of the players feel spine pain when they play on synthetic turf as a result of the return of the mechanical energy to the foot pressure because the surface is hard. Powergrass hybrid grass provides a soft surface with natural chock absorption, natural ball bounce and great traction to reduce the risks of falls.

Athletes put less strain on their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) while making a cut on a natural grass surface while wearing a cleat. This is the conclusion from a study that tested the strain placed on the ACL of four different shoe-surface interactions: Astroturf/turf shoe, modern playing turf/turf shoe, modern turf/cleat, and natural grass/cleat. Source ScienceDaily


29/01/2020 02:15:23

Hybrid Grass

POWERgrass is a hybrid system of natural grass that grows inside synthetic grass!

POWERgrass combines safe play and savings in maintenance.

The POWERgrass hybrid grass system is the ideal playing surface because it offers:


San Benedetto del Tronto - stadio Riviera delle Palme

L'erba spuntata a 7 giorni dalla semina

Riqualificazione della superficie di gioco in erba ibrida tipo POWERgrass!

San Benedetto del Tronto (Italy)

erba, ibrida, hybrid, grass, San Benedetto, Tronto, campo, calcio, prato,

Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Stadium, Riyad

Ready to play on November 2nd, 2019

Requalification of the pitch by replacing the existing hybrid grass in the innovative POWERgrass system

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

Stadion SRC Zapresic

Requalification of the stadium in hybrid grass POWERgrass with heating system

Zaprešić (Croatia)

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