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The first innovative hybrid turf system for high-performance and safe sports pitches because traction, stability and softness of the playing surface are characteristics players seek and only POWERgrass offers them 365 days a year.

POWERgrass combines the advantages of natural grass with the resistance of synthetic grass to offer a reinforced natural grass pitch for up to 30 hours a week.

POWERgrass has as a strategic objective the more efficient use of resources in a circular economy to promote the environment and employment.

POWERgrass has a positive environmental impact because it follows the teachings of regenerative agriculture which contributes to lower temperatures, carbon sequestration and air purification. Anchoring the natural grass to the synthetic turf preserves the soil from erosion and prevents damage from flooding.

The life cycle of the system is estimated at more than 20 years when combined with regular maintenance of the natural grass because it protects the synthetic fibres from UV radiation and achieves a perfect symbiosis of natural and synthetic grass.

The system requires reduced maintenance because it provides the ideal habitat for growing natural grass, which is more resistant to intensive trampling and therefore generates savings of more than 30% over its life cycle compared to other sports surfaces.

POWERgrass will never let you down because it is always playable, even when natural grass is missing for any reason.

In the interview our partner Graham Longdin and our expert Niko Sarris confirm the validity of POWERgrass!

In our latest realisation for the upgrading of the 'Riviera delle Palme' stadium in San Benedetto del Tronto, we outdid ourselves by handing over the pitch for play 17 days after seeding.  After more than 40 matches, training sessions and finishing touches, the pitch has survived even a harsh and rainy winter without a single divot, and President Serafino's compliments have arrived with good reason.

Traction, Stability and Softness
are features sought by the players

Traction, Stability and Softness<br />
are features sought by the players

Resistant up to 30 hours per week,
durable over 20 years

Resistant up to 30 hours per week,<br />
durable over 20 years

Reduced maintenance,
positive environmental impact

Reduced maintenance,<br />
positive environmental impact

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Esg Criteria


The acronym ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social and Governance, encompasses a number of assessment elements used in the financial sector to judge the sustainability of investments, with a view to the overall evaluation of a company that goes beyond purely economic performance.


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Gli Specialisti Del Verde

Gli Specialisti del Verde S.r.l.

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Experience in The Field

Our experience... is part of one of the most important Sciences.

Agronomy is a multidisciplinary science that deals with the application of scientific principles to agriculture. Agronomy includes aspects studied by disciplines such as biology, chemistry, physics, geology, soil science, ecology, economics, sociology, ethics, engineering, landscaping, design. In practical terms is the set of techniques and technologies that are used to make more efficient and effective results of economic activities that employ such knowledge.
Agronomy, as a science, addresses also the study of the consequences of the misuse of certain techniques cultivation. Looking for a complete and exhaustive definition of Agronomy it can be: "applied science that studies, adopts and applies knowledge, methods and technologies designed to optimize crop yields by acting on different factors, in order to improve the quality of products using appropriate technologies that are compatible with the environment, economically sustainable and which do not adversely affect the health of the final consumer." The study and practical application of scientific knowledge arising from different areas, thus confer to agronomy the importance of applied technology. The application of agronomic techniques requires - at a practical level-operating - even the knowledge of the basic principles of experimentation and research.

From the idea ... to the trial fields.

Enthusiastic yes, but not naive. Aware of the difficulties of coexistence between natural and artificial turf in old systems, we experimented with several solutions to check how the natural lawn behaves over the course of the season.


San Benedetto del Tronto - stadio Riviera delle Palme

L'erba spuntata a 7 giorni dalla semina

Riqualificazione della superficie di gioco in erba ibrida tipo POWERgrass!

San Benedetto del Tronto (Italy)

erba, ibrida, hybrid, grass, San Benedetto, Tronto, campo, calcio, prato,

Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Stadium, Riyadh

Ready to play on November 2nd, 2019

Requalification of the pitch by replacing the existing hybrid grass with the POWERgrass system

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

Stadion SRC Zapresic

Requalification of the stadium in hybrid grass POWERgrass with heating system

Zaprešić (Croatia)

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