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The POWERgrass® hybrid grass is an innovative project that combines the advantages of natural grass and the resistance of synthetic turf to offer a professional pitch, resistant, durable, with reduced maintenance, cost effective that is accessible to ordinary people.

The interview of Sean Goodwin and the one of Graham Longdin confirm the validity of POWERgrass!

Play better and safer!

Play better and safer

Traction, Stability and Softness of the playing surface, are the most important prerogatives.

Resistant and long lasting!

Resistant and long lasting

Resistant up to 6 hours of play per day and is estimated to last over 20 years with regular maintenance.

Respect the planet & Save money!

Respect the planet & Save money

PowerGrass generates savings to the community, investors and groundstaff.


Reinforcement of Natural Grass!

Natural, synthetic or hybrid grass?

Natural grass offers the player the ideal playing surface up to 6 hours a week, but requires high maintenance to withstand environmental stress (humid-hot weather and frost). Some reinforcement systems increase the number of hours usage to a maximum of 12 hours per week, but the maintenance cost increases even more. This is the most frequent choice of some professional clubs that can have a large budget for field maintenance, for the first and possibly the second team.

For young players and for the major of amateurs clubs, the choice is often oriented to synthetic turf, to support a greater amount of playing hours and reduce maintenance costs. The surface is “always” playable but the ball runs faster and the player is slower because he loses the shoe-surface interaction; heat stress during sunny days increases the risk of premature fatigue and burns in the event of a fall.

The hybrid grass POWERgrass offers an improved alternative in both cases! The hybrid grass POWERgrass is not a simple carpet to "bury" in the sand layer to “reinforce” natural grass! It includes a playable synthetic turf, suitable for natural grass growth, and the ZEOcork additive to be mixed with sand to provide a soft playing surface, mitigate environmental stress and little maintenance of natural grass. It really enhances the quality and safety of the natural grass and combines the resistance and low maintenance of synthetic turf providing talor made, ideal traction, stability and softness.

Maintenance of the POWERgrass system requires basic skills and low but constant care and, in return, offers a lifespan for a generation. It is a eco-sustainable project that offers Quality & Savings compared to other solutions available to ... play "Always" with or without natural grass.



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